Friday, June 15, 2007

You know IVF is taking over your life when...

You wake your husband up at 3am to say 'hun we have to choose and I am confused'. You see in reality Jess had woken up and was crying and that's what woke me out of some bizarre Pirate-Master-does-IVF dream (reality show du jour). So I sat up, woke him and started spouting off some gibberish about having to choose (choose what? embies? meds? doctors?). Then I heard Jess calling and said 'never mind, Jess is up' and he got up to see what she needed while I went back to sleep (yes he rocks and gets up for her any night she wakes up which isn't very often).

WTH was that all about?

Well I am off to see the wizard. First a very quick date with Dracula @ MDS Nanaimo. Then off for acu in Victoria and then a I-am-so-not-looking-forward-to-this-appointment with Dr Spence.
When is Dr. H back???????????????????

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MammaKoz said...

I'll definitely be thinking about you guys!

I had to giggle though at your dream. LOL :D