Saturday, December 2, 2006


Oh we are so in love. Since Miss Jessica decided to ask Santa for a puppy, we have had our eyes set on a Chinese Crested. We are going with a great breeder friend, Jenna at WaveCrested kennels. Well tonight we took Peanut to see ALL of the pups - and oh my, she was on puppy overload! I swear by the time we were done she was in high gear and wayyy in over her head. She couldn't even choose a puppy that she liked by that point and was dragged out of Jenna's house crying :( But as soon as she was settled in the truck we all agreed on a sweet little girl (yet unnamed). I am feeling "Tonks" right now. Nymphadora Tonks is a character out of Harry Potter. We shall see how that flies with Miss Jessica as I am sure she will want to name her Dora or Ruby or something very TreeHouse tv like. Since I will be the official poop scooper I think I will try my motherly coercion skills when it comes to naming the newest Langelier.

Sunday, November 26, 2006



1. Yourself: nerd

2. Your spouse (boyfriend/girlfriend, SO): cool

3. Your hair: blonde

4. Your mother: mom

5. Your father: dad

6. Your favorite item: Arwen

7. Your dream last night: blank

8. Your favorite drink: baileys

9. Your dream car: Lexus

10. The room you are in: office

11. Your ex: yuck

12. Your fear: snakes

13. What you want to be in 10 years? rich

14. Who you hung out with last night? hubby

15. What You’re Not? thin

16. Muffins: blueberry

17. One of your wish list items: diamonds

18. Time: afternoon

19. The last thing you did: eat

20. What you are wearing: clothes

21. Your favorite weather: sun

22. Your favorite book: Potter

23. The last thing you ate: chocolate

24. Your life: unique

25. Your mood: okay

26. Your best friend: Randy

27. What are you thinking about right now? this

28. Your car: Explorer

29. What are you doing at the moment? typing

30. Your summer: fast

31. Your relationship status: married

32. What is on your TV? Rock

33. What is the weather like? snowing

34. When is the last time you laughed? today

Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Polar Express

What a great movie. For a good portion of watching this I really kept thinking (and saying intermittently) , this really isn't a kids movie. And that's probably true. It certainly brought me to tears (yes it did, clomid tears - clomid made me do it). It's not a sad movie by any means - it just gave me that burst of Christmas Spirit that one needs around this time of the year.

The spirit of Christmas is a funny thing and one that I especially appreciate today. Miss Jessica had a great time at her sleepover. When Randy called her around 9:30am she started freaking out about not wanting to come home. We made our way over to get her around 11:30 and she wouldn't even give us hugs. I laughed but yes it bothered me. I know it's so good for our (not-so) shy little girl but at the same time you feel conflicted by wanting her to stay little, to stay possessive and loyal to only her mom and dad.

Randy woke me around 630am to show me a picture that uncle Ken had emailed. It was adorable - Jess, Michele and 3 dogs all curled up on the bed. She was so comfortable there. She even went for a walk with her uncle down to the lake to throw rocks and enjoy the early morning. I am sure K&M are sleeping quietly now, Jess is pretty much non-stop, especially when she gets so much attention.

This afternoon, she came home and was asleep for an hours nap before I re-woke her up. Finally she started to settle back into our routine and she let me hold her again and hug her for what seemed like forever. I just soaked it all up:) I then enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with some home-schooling and playing leap frog on the floor (ouch ouch ouch).

She is fast asleep now and I just want to wake her up so she can give me a hug. The ole proverb that absence makes the heart grow fonder certainly held true today. I don't want to ever let her go...this is a lesson that I am not sure I will ever be able to learn.

Tattoo Two

Okay, I did it. Ouch would be an understatement. I think it will be a while before I get another (big if there). It really burned this time but that was only intensified by the pretzel-like position I had to hold myself in for C to do the tattoo. It took her about 2 hours with a few breaks for me to stretch my leg. I think it's beautiful!! It will probably fade a bit and need some touching up in the next few years but that is nothing I am going to think about right now LOL.

In other news, Miss Jessica slept at K&M's last night and it would seem all went well. We talked to her mid-tattoo and she was about to start her bedtime routine. She was having a blast. Playing with uncle Ken's $3k digital camera, her cousin's very $$$ guitar and her favorite new toy and friend auntie Michele. I am so proud of how Jess has really made a such a 360 over the past few months. From shy and hiding behind my leg to Miss Social butterfly. I am such a proud mama to have such a confident little peanut yet it feels so bizarre to not have her here, with us, 24/7. It's all good though....right?

On a farming note, our 6 big turkeys left the farm today. These boys are freaking HUGE. Actually, I have no idea why anyone would want a bird this big but who cares, they do and we filled the order. Phew. Nerve wracking to have well over $600 worth of turkeys in just 6 birds. WFW!!!! Every day I walk into the barn, slowly peer over the edge and breathe a big sigh of relief that they are all still standing. Turkeys are way too stressful - I am so glad we only do this twice a year!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

My reward for losing 45 lbs

Okay so 2 posts in under and hour, I have a new obsession.

So back in July, after I lost a bunch of weight, I got a tattoo. Lilies on my lower back (and before you send me the link to the SNL skit, I have seen it TYVM).

Yep there it is < ~~~~ with my not-so glamorous FB's about to poke through.

You are probably thinking I am some psycho raging tattoo, piercing freak but I'm not. I'm just a mom who really appreciates the art of a nice tattoo.

Tomorrow I am getting another lily on my ankle. Not sure why a lily, I just have a great appreciation for the beauty and intricacy of them. They were the flowers at my wedding so symbolize that as well. The last one hurt like hell. I so laugh when people say oh tattoos don't really hurt. THEY ARE LYING - it's hurts like frickin hell I tell you. Imagine the worst sunburn you've ever had. Okay got that memory fresh and in front of you? Alright now add hundred, no thousands of bees stinging that sunburn. That's what a tattoo feels like. That being said, obviously I feel it is worth it or I wouldn't be getting number two so soon now would I?

So while Miss Jessica takes a big growned up step and is having her first sleepover at Auntie Michele's, mommy will be writhing in pain to get her much coveted ankle tattoo.

I'll post the gory details tomorrow night. Right now I am off to take an ibuprofen to take away the pain from my Clomid - at least I know I still have ovaries, right?

My first post

Hmpf, I have nothing to say. That's a first. No really it is.


I must come up with something profound for my very first blog. I mean, it is my first entry, the pivotal beginning to my not-so fascinating life. What's bizarre is the only thing I can think of is Grey's Anatomy.

See someone asked, who would you choose, McDreamy or McSteamy and my answer was both, give me a McSandwich. LOL. Seriously, that is as profound as I get folks.

Hugs and all that B.S.