Saturday, December 2, 2006


Oh we are so in love. Since Miss Jessica decided to ask Santa for a puppy, we have had our eyes set on a Chinese Crested. We are going with a great breeder friend, Jenna at WaveCrested kennels. Well tonight we took Peanut to see ALL of the pups - and oh my, she was on puppy overload! I swear by the time we were done she was in high gear and wayyy in over her head. She couldn't even choose a puppy that she liked by that point and was dragged out of Jenna's house crying :( But as soon as she was settled in the truck we all agreed on a sweet little girl (yet unnamed). I am feeling "Tonks" right now. Nymphadora Tonks is a character out of Harry Potter. We shall see how that flies with Miss Jessica as I am sure she will want to name her Dora or Ruby or something very TreeHouse tv like. Since I will be the official poop scooper I think I will try my motherly coercion skills when it comes to naming the newest Langelier.

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