Thursday, November 23, 2006

My reward for losing 45 lbs

Okay so 2 posts in under and hour, I have a new obsession.

So back in July, after I lost a bunch of weight, I got a tattoo. Lilies on my lower back (and before you send me the link to the SNL skit, I have seen it TYVM).

Yep there it is < ~~~~ with my not-so glamorous FB's about to poke through.

You are probably thinking I am some psycho raging tattoo, piercing freak but I'm not. I'm just a mom who really appreciates the art of a nice tattoo.

Tomorrow I am getting another lily on my ankle. Not sure why a lily, I just have a great appreciation for the beauty and intricacy of them. They were the flowers at my wedding so symbolize that as well. The last one hurt like hell. I so laugh when people say oh tattoos don't really hurt. THEY ARE LYING - it's hurts like frickin hell I tell you. Imagine the worst sunburn you've ever had. Okay got that memory fresh and in front of you? Alright now add hundred, no thousands of bees stinging that sunburn. That's what a tattoo feels like. That being said, obviously I feel it is worth it or I wouldn't be getting number two so soon now would I?

So while Miss Jessica takes a big growned up step and is having her first sleepover at Auntie Michele's, mommy will be writhing in pain to get her much coveted ankle tattoo.

I'll post the gory details tomorrow night. Right now I am off to take an ibuprofen to take away the pain from my Clomid - at least I know I still have ovaries, right?

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