Wednesday, June 27, 2007

No words

So my dad passed away last month. My sister said go ahead and be administrator - for which we don't need but we wanted the books to prove dad was robbed. I wasn't able to take everything in to get notarized because of the costs - everything was going on the credit card this past month. Well yesterday she starts hounding me about it - I told her as soon as Randy got paid I would get it all certified. Then she started in at me about how I can pay my bills but she needed her share so she could hers. She acts like everything is given to us on a silver platter. Well I signed off IM so that I didn't spout off some hormonal crap that I would regret later. Well last night she leaves me this scathing VM. I of course respond via email. She then fires off the meanest OMG letter. I mean I don't even understand where all of this came from. She told me she needed to bite her tongue because 'someone of my age' was trying to have another baby. In her next evil spouting she said"And as far as a child goes at your age so sorry hun never said you were not a good mom , hun yes you are a good mom to the child you are supposed to have but quite frankly god decides how many children we have not us." OMFG? I have been crying all night.

I just had no idea she hated me so much. Were we best of friends - no, but being attacked by my sister in such a malicious way? Hit me like a mack truck. Now I have 45 minutes ot get my crap together and give a live presentation for work. This will be fun, I can't even see my keyboard.

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