Saturday, June 9, 2007

I hear Whitesnake playing in the background

Here we go again on our own.....those words keep playing in the deepest (scariest) depths of my mind today. Here we are, back on the IVF wagon one more time. How on earth did that happen so fast?

So back-tracking a little. Got my b/w done in Nanaimo yesterday morning. Got there at 15 minutes before the doors opened yet there was still 6 people in front of me. I guess if I had been fasting for 12 hours I would want to be first in line too. Instead I stood there rudely drinking my x-large decaf from Tim's (was that wrong?). Anyhow, left the bldg at 746 and then off to Victoria for acu @ 915. Barely made it on time but I met Caroline and had a good hour of acu. It kind of hurt this time - assumably because she was working on areas directly related to my current cycle. Then Randy and I went across to the mall and browsed the bookstore to waste some time before my next appt. Off to Dr. H and my dreaded Cd2 scan. Everyone seemed happy enough - Robert was friendly as usual and stopped to chat with us. When they called me in I darted off to the bathroom and made sure 'everything' was ready for the scan, went into the room, dis-robed faster than lightening and up on the table flat LOL. In came Dr. H and the new nurse (I think she's new?) and it was fast. 3 antral follicles on each side and one collapsed corpeus luteum. Good to go pending E2 levels. We had to wait while they typed up a protocol for me (had the drusg but no idea and how much or when). Found out I was starting meds right away!!!!! That came as a shocker! It certainly wasn't the most in-depth appointment, kind of felt a bit rushed but I have the info I need so it doesn't matter I guess. I asked Tammi if she would call with my E2 numbers and she said yes, later in the day (normal for us up-island gals).

Well as everyone knows, I sit and practically stare at my phone for hours when waiting for VFC to call. No call. 5pm, 6pm, 7pm rolls by..nothing. Randy and I decided to just go ahead and take the meds but then I started thinking, what if I take them and I wasn't supposed to? At over $450 bucks a day, I was starting to panic at the thought of wasting a days worth of meds. So I called the coordinators after-hours cellphone @ 830 and got Monica. She called Tammi and then called back and said I was good to go. I apologized profusely for bothering her (I hate calling at any time, never mind in the evening) and she said that Tammi did call me earlier and left a VM. Um not to my knowledge and not on my cell or home phone. I checked those over and over last night - not sure what happened there but now I am all stressed about being a PIA again.

My protocol is Letrozole/Femara 5mg/day for 5 days, 300 units of Gonal-F/day and 150 units Menopur/day plus baby aspirin and prenatals. No idea when I start the Cetrotide, it isn't even listed on my sheets they gave me. I found a great article on this protocol here.

Oh and I don't go back until next Thursday - which is after 6 days of stims.

So yes, here we go again..........

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