Monday, June 18, 2007


Dr. H is back, Dr H is back!

What a nice sight walking into VFC today and seeing that friendly smile sitting in the office. I was late leaving Nanaimo today, didn't walk out the door until 550 but everything went smooth en route to Victoria (considering the traffic at the top of the Malahat - I guess it's zero tolerence day for speeders - blush). I got to the Metro lab at about 10 after 7, walked in, had one person in line in front of me, gave my care card, went into room 2, poke and on my way out. Sheesh if it was always that simple! Then to VFC - heck they had me down for 820 and I got there at 745 LOL. Anyhow, no one was there, lucky me so Tammi ushered me in and woo I even got sockettes again today LOL.

The good news is I won't trigger until Tuesday night therefore saving me the decision of what to do about missing Jessica's grad. The bad news is I have gone from 11 down to 7 follicles. That makes me very nervous considering we only got 6 from 11 follicles last time. Quality over quantity, quality over quantity. Talk about different doctors, different styles. Check out the measurement difference:

R=12, 14, 15, 16, 16, 22
L-18 (lazy lefty)
Lining= "beautiful" @ 12mm

He said I had a hemorrhagic follicle on the left which was full of blood. I wonder if that's what all that pain was last Weds on my left side? So down to 1 follie there and then 6 instead of 8 on the right.

He felt it would be best to stim for one more day and then trigger - I said well okay then with a big smile of course. Then he chuckled and said Tammi had told him about Jessica's grad and he felt another day was best anyhow. Could I breathe a bigger sigh of relief? Now the stress is where have all the follies gone? I am praying we get more from less and that they are all mature and heck while praying if they could all fertilize and all divide like good little embryos that would be cool too :D

Edited to add my E2 was 4700 today. More than doubled since Saturday so we are still going ahead with trigger tomorrow! Yippee! Now, follies, no more imploding and no more disappearing acts please!

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