Friday, June 22, 2007

And the report says...

Of the 7 eggs, 5 were mature but only 3 fertilized. I admit, I am a wee bit disappointed, I so thought this cycle would give us more 'choices'. On a positive note we do have one more embie than last time and since we didn't lose any that had fertilized last time I refuse to think this cycle will be any different. So I am happy, don't get me wrong, but admittedly a bit disappointed as well.

To be honest I am so numb this week it's very odd. Jess left this morning with K&M for 4 days. Normally I would have bawled my eyes out watching her walk away but I stood there with a lump in my throat and didn't move. Randy was all worried because I showed no emotion after R called this morning. I feel neither excited nor anxious. I just want to sleep. Not to whine, well maybe a little whine. I really feel crappy. I am carrying around over 6 lbs of water weight since Thursday morning. WTH is that? I look like I have a belly balloon. I haven't (TMI alert) gone to the bathroom in 2 days either :| and I literally can fall asleep in any position - just have to let the eyes shut for half a second. Hopefully a good night sleep will help (I didn't sleep last night).

Now I need an update from my little world traveler. They should be in Regina by now and mama is anxious to hear her peanut's little voice.

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