Monday, June 25, 2007

Little Miss Positive

Okay here is the rundown of our transfer day. I will be completely honest, I expected bad news when we walked into VFC. The micro-analyzer in me was scrutinizing everything from the second I stepped out of the truck. For example, on Sundays you have to get buzzed in. So Randy hits the buzzer and Dr H answers - Randy says, "Christina L.." and Dr H says "okay Randy, come on up". Why Randy always says my name I don't know but again I found this quite humorous. But right away I was like, 'did he sound happy? Oh no, he didn't sound very positive, did he?" and so on, all the way up in the elevator. Randy looked at his crazy wife and said, "he said what, 5 words over a speaker phone, stop it already". Ahem, point taken.

We walk into VFC and I had my head down, terrified to make eye contact because well, I was expecting the worst. Monica later told me she thought oh-oh she is NOT in a good mood today LOL. I had to pay for the ICSI and return some Gonal-F so I was standing at the reception window and I could see our embryologist out of the corner of my eye. Heart pounding I still refused to look up - this was news I would much rather have over the phone...I may just break down in person. Then I hear Randy really softly say "it's all good?" and then he reached around me to hug me. Only at that point did I allow myself to look up and see both of them smiling from ear to ear. He said he came in at like 20 to 8 just to see our embryo and when he did he did a happy dance (which I can totally see - he is such a friendly guy). Our little beloved is an 8 celled beauty, graded 19 of 20 and nearly perfect.

Holy freaking big sighs of relief. Now I could concentrate on my very full bladder and not peeing on my RE LOL. ET went well although it is my least favorite part of this whole process. You are basically naked from your waist down and it isn't a fast process so you are 'exposed' for all the world to see. Considering I still have the flabby belly it is excruciatingly embarrassing to me to have someone viewing my most unfavorite body "feature". All the while concentrating the hell out relaxing my legs while in those leg stirrups so that I don't cramp out while keeping my bladder nice and full. It's somewhat of a contradiction (legs relaxed, bladder tight). Dr H explained that while we only have one embryo, it looked great, nearly perfect and better than the 2 we had last time by far. They do this security check between doctor and embryologist just before transferring the embryo. From the lab we hear "one beautiful, 8 celled, nearly perfect embryo for Christina L.." and Dr H confirms form the procedure room. How freaking cute was that? It was like the whole medical team was rooting for us and just made it a perfect transfer. Randy was beaming from ear to ear after he heard that (he even whispered in my ear 'did you hear that? Nearly perfect!!!"). Procedure went well because I had my bladder nice and full for them and I have my keepsake picture from the u/s of where the fluid went in carrying baby L. I lied there for about 15 minutes and then got up to relieve the bladder. Then I laid back down and had my acu from Dr H. Monica discharged us 30 minutes later and off we went on the crazy 2ww ahead of us.

So here is praying for a sticky bean. Today embie will be a morula (10-30 celled), Tuesday a blast and Weds would start to hatch. That's in a perfect world LOL. I always get late +++ so who knows what I will decide to do this month as far as POAS. Should I? Shouldn't I? Should I? Shouldn't I?

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