Saturday, June 9, 2007

Stimming along

First night of stims went fine. Stupid me mixed the full 2ml of diluent in with the Menopur so it stung a little. The Femara gives me a headache for about 2 hours along with raising my core temperature to about that of a volcano. It is short lived though so can't really complain. Whatever works, right? Certainly better than evil Clomid, that's for sure.

Dr. H called me this afternoon. He seemed concerned about me not getting my call on Friday and was double checking on what I took for meds and which lab I got my b/w done at (he didn't get results until late). I didn't ask any questions but I am second guessing myself right now. Was I not supposed to start? I mean my calendar shows that I was but I don't know, I just feel like something isn't right. My E2 maybe wasn't as low as what it was supposed to or ??? He changed my appt to Tuesday - said I needed to be seen within 5 days of stims. He won't be there so I have to see Dr. Spence. You know when you just get that worried and sick feeling in your stomach and can't quite put your finger on why? Well that is how I am feeling about now. I did email him a few questions but if he is going away I probably won't hear back so I will just have to wait until Tuesday for my scan to tell me whether something isn't right or not.

Gave myself my injects tonight. I know Randy likes to do it but he said he doesn't really care, one way or another s I did it. Went really well too. No pain, no stinging (that's what all this padding is good for!).

Busy day tomorrow - barns, house, dance and I need to get some work(business) done ASAP! I spent all day today on the computer. I got a ton of web design stuff updated so at least that is out of the way. Now to work on the WP redesign and my FPG biz for the next few days. All of this should keep my obsessive mind from obsessing, right?

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