Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday Craziness

Okay really quick update - I am sorry I am behind on emails to all of my online gals - I promise to catch up soon.

We left at 530 to go for know one would assume we would have figured out by now that leaving 2.5 hrs in advance is really not necessary. Got to Victoria around 640ish. Boring. We were sitting in Ran's truck listening to XM when a guy stands in line at 720am. Lord, 40 minutes early for freaking blood work. So Randy said he would go stand in line for me but I told him to wait until the next vehicle drove up. Well sure enough, another car comes not 5 minutes later. So off he went to stand in line. The guy saw us so he told Randy to go in front of him so I ended up first in line but lord, this lining up for b/w is insane.

After that we drove back home, got Jess dressed in her Highland gear and off to the Port Theatre for her rehearsal. I had a hair appt @ 1130 so when I was still standing there with her at 1133 I was panicking. The mom supervisor hadn't showed up yet. So that threw a monkey wrench into things as I didn't get to the salon until 1150. But Brenda is a doll and got me in and all fixed up (ba-bye roots). Randy went and picked up Miss Jessica and came back to get me.

Oh and my E2 numbers were 1920 today so they upped my Gonal-F to 225 for tonight. Tammi called mid-hair cut and also asked if they could switch me to 12:15 since they have another procedure tomorrow. Busy place!

Now it is get a few chores done and then back to the theatre to get Jess to her recital. I am so looking forward to seeing peanut on stage!

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