Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Worst night ever

I woke up at 330 to feed the baby kittens and all of the sudden I was sick. Here I am laying on the tile floor of the room trying to bottle feed these week old kittens. I was so nauseous, barely made it to the bathroom. I don't know if it is a flu big or what - there was no food in my stomach so I don't think it was food poisoning. I felt like my stomach was trying to turn inside out and I ended up taking gravol which was STUPID because it is not safe during pregnancy (at the time I was so out of it that it never crossed my mind). It can't be m/s this soon, especially with a beta of only 106. All that was in my tummy was my vitamins and supplements that I always take right before bed (note to self - gross, never take vitamins on a empty stomach again).

Okay must jot all this down...

04/16 Monday=12
04/18 Weds=19
04/20 Friday=30
04/23 Monday=106
04/26 Thursday=???

After the beta of 19 I was told to stop my meds. I had my last prog mid afternoon Weds. Thursday I was spotting all day and that turn into a light AF then Friday and Saturday were very heavy. Sunday it pretty much stopped until about 3am when I woke up cramping and major heavy AF and then slowed again yesterday morning. I actually was sure that was me miscarrying because it was really heavy and not, um, normal at all.

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