Thursday, April 26, 2007

Totally off the fertility topic

Yes once in a while I think about things that are not connected to my uterus. That thought at the moment is wth has happened to Grey's? My favorite show has really gone in the pooper lately. George and Izzy? Derek and Meredith on the rocks? Alex acting like a jerk again? Burke and Cristina happy? Have I crossed over into a parallel universe?

Shonda are you still writing? If you are maybe you need a holiday girlfriend because you are really starting to tick me off with these twists and turns. Yes I am hormonal (knew I would drag the poor uterus into this somehow)but it's not just me. I have IM's flashing right now asking, did you see Grey's? WTH is going on (like I am friends with the writer or something).

Okay I am done, just needed to be said. Oh and 4 more sleeps 'til Heroes. .

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MammaKoz said...

See, I thought Grey's was okay...but that's just me.

Izzy is gonna be pregnant, just watch. ;o) And is it just me, or are they totally gearing up for Addison to leave for her new show? It seems like that is where all the focus is going, the subtle nuances here and there for her spinoff...

Anyways, I digress. :D

If it's any reassurance I think about your uterus a lot too, almost as much as I think about mine. LOL ;o)

Okay, i'll stop rambling now. ;o)

You've really made me realize I need to start blogging again! :D