Sunday, April 22, 2007

Got my next protocol

We talked to Dr Hudson today. Barring complications from this IVF (waiting for betas to drop he is still concerned I have an ectopic pg going on), I will cycle again in June. He is changing my protocol to an antagonist protocol with letrozole added. As he looked through my first IVF he was happy with my response - much better response than what he thought but where he was disappointed was in quantity of eggs retrieved as well as the inconsistent growth. He feels this protocol will help with all of that. The letrozole helps with egg quality and quantity when accompanied with the injects (from the little bit I have read since we talked today). I asked about the estrogen priming but he really doesn't feel that is necessary for me since my E2 rose nicely and my endometrium was perfect throughout. The way he explained the new protocol really got us both excited, wish I could re-write it here LOL.

Praying for dropping beta numbers tomorrow. I don't want to go through a lap and D&C without my doctor which is the next step if the beta goes up. He is gone Tuesday for 3 weeks and well, I just don't trust anyone else (and Dr Spence doesn't do surgeries).

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