Monday, April 2, 2007

Quick ER update

Just a quick note - I need sleep. ER didn't go great (procedure was fine just egg count sucked). They could only aspirate 8 follies and from that get 6 eggs. Of those, they think 3 are mature sad.gif Dr. H had a long talk with both embriologists and went ahead with isci.

I tried to put on a positive happy face but I am so bummed.

Physically I feel very 'heavy', like lead balls where my ovaries are. I had a nice sleep this afternoon and I am just taking it easy for the rest of today. Already thinking about going back to bed...

Apparently, because of my age, my FSH and my high level of stims, part of the problem was all my follies were growing at different rates. When he aspirated 2 of the follicles they were just full of blood - basically overcooked (I am sure there is a better term, that's all I can think of right now). Then 3 are probably immature. So they were all over the place. Dr. H took it personally, he was very worried about us (I guess I was looking rather stressed). He is such a good soul.

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