Thursday, April 19, 2007

Beta results

Well my beta was only 19 yesterday so I had to go off my meds and let nature take her course. About an hour before my call I decided to POAS one more time just so I was prepared for the call. Well of course they were positive again - yes all 8 that I had left. So I suddenly had a glimmer of hope again that maybe we had lost a twin and that's why my hcg dropped. Nope...chemical (hate that term) pregnancy.

So I assume AF will arrive any minute - I am so bloated today and spotting. I have a phone consult to chat with Dr H. on Sunday before he leaves for 3 weeks. Barring any scheduling difficulties, I will sit out one cycle and then do another fresh cycle right away. Tami wasn't 100% sure whether I would just start BCP after my next AF or if he would have me wait an additional cycle. Guess we will find out come Sunday.

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