Thursday, April 26, 2007

Trip to ER

Okay so remember the shoulder pain? Well about 5 minutes after I posted that it was fine, my regular IVF coordinator/nurse called me back. She wanted to know everything, scale of 1 to 5 how much pain, was I bleeding, any cramping etc. Then she said I think you need to be assessed but I just need to talk to the doctor first, I'll call you back. Okay I know our regional hospital - wait times are horrendous here so I tried to talk her out of it by telling her I was sure it was a muscle strain. No such luck, she called me and told me to go in ASAP and that the obgyn knew everything and would take good care of me.

So with some major crying and fast driving, we dropped Jess off (along with my bottle fed kittens) at aunties and then off to the hospital. Drove up and there were 6 ambulances and people everywhere because of a 6 car pileup. We arrived around 430 and didn't even get to the triage nurse until almost 530. She had talked to the obgyn already and he advised to get a CBC and QUANTITATIVE hcg and call him when it was done. 645, tech finally comes to take blood. In between all of this, we saw 3 pregnant women get checked in by relatives - one brought in by ambulance (33 weeks preterm labor) and another in a wheelchair whose husband was literally flying down the hallway to get to the elevator at lightening speed and we can hear the OBGYN staff and pediatrician paged constantly (stat to L&D, stat to L&D). We knew we were doomed LOL. 930 I am getting upset so finally ask if we have been forgotten (we are getting lapped by other people in the ER waiting room (yes we never got past those big glass doors), in and out, in and out - OMG you're still here? people). The new triage nurse (#2 since we've been there) says oh, well they ran the wrong blood test so we are re-running everything in the lab now. I said let me guess, you ran an qualitative hcg? Yes, sorry you were supposed to be updated. *sigh*, this is why I love my private health care. FF again to 1045. Off to the 3rd triage nurse to ask what's going on now. She looked at me and said YES, what can I help you with (rude witch) and I said look, we have been here since 430(eyes welling with tears). Oh are you here for Dr. M? Yesss. Oh he called us about 30 minutes ago, someone was supposed to update you. He is stuck in L&D and he figured he would be down within 30-45 minutes - that was 30 minutes ago. *sigh*, thanks for the update.

This whole time we are anxiously watching doctors and nurses do their and out and every time a new doctor would appear we would get excited. Do you think that's him Randy? Nah too young, nah too mean LOL. We saw this doctor when he came down and knew it was him - then we watched all the hustle and bustle when they couldn't find my chart. I am not knocking the doctor - labor and delivery does take priority (if I was in labor I would hope it did) but the rest of the hospital staff can kiss my butt. What a joke. One nurse said 'did she even go through admissions?I haven't seen her chart all night' and I heard so I stood up, held up the wristbands and shook them through the glass. Idiots.

Okay so now you've made it through all that unnecessary gibberish (I talk a lot when I am tired can you tell?) finally the consult. Oh there are no rooms. ROFL. He was like fine I will take bed #2. This doctor is actually super sweet and very apologetic. He knew my entire history because my clinic had filled him in (thank goodness that part was done). Beta was 271 (Monday was 106). We went through everyday since I first tested + on the HPT. He also felt that embie #1 implanted and miscarried (or chemical) and then embie#2 just didn't implant until late and now (wherever it is) is dividing as it should. the problem is we don't know - is it viable and barely hanging in on my minimal lining, is it a strong chemical pg or is it viable but ectopic. Inquiring minds want to know and we have NO answers. He did a pelvic exam and there was no pain, my cervix is long and closed ("perfect for this stage of pg") and my bloodwork all came back "excellent". I think it was my hemoglobin he checked and it was 138 - he said if there was any internal bleeding that number would have been very low. Shoulder pain is a muscle strain (which I knew from sitting in an uncomfortable chair for 6+ hours as my whole left shoulder, elbow and forearm hurt) so we aren't at a critical stage yet. He is going to take care of me while my RE is gone, that way I don't have to drive back and forth 2 hrs each way. He also gave me standing HCG tests at the hospital so no more waiting 7 hours - he will have them within just a couple. If and when my beta keeps doubling, then hopefully by Tuesday or Wednesday he will be able to get me in to his office and do an ultrasound. By that time they will be able to see something in my uterus and if they can't, well then we have worries. We talked about not doing the metho shot which he agreed to but only as long as if the ectopic is not in the section of the tube that is also in the uterus. If he does surgery there I could have permanent damage and never be able to carry full term he said in which case he would rather do the shot. My doctor said he would still operate so that is my only worry but I will cross that bridge if and when I need to.

So now we wait some more. Unless I suddenly have pain or bleeding I am to do nothing but pretend I am pregnant. The limbo continues....

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