Thursday, April 5, 2007

The big day! We made it :)

Okay what an awesome day. Going to write this in pieces because I really should be laying down.

I started drinking my water about 9:05 for my 10:15 procedure. Hard to chug down 16 oz of water that fast without popping. Got to the clinic and there was another couple in the waiting room. DH and I were all smiles of course because Monday we didn't even know if we would make it to transfer day. Anyhow we saw Robert the embryologist go into one of the offices, assumably to make his morning 'calls' but he smiled as he went in (of course the micro-analyzer in me said that's a GREAT sign LOL). Saw my doctor and he was also all smiles...he was back and forth doing appointments all over the place but kept asking me how is your bladder, I can give you a cup to go just a little etc because it was going to be another 20 minutes or so before my transfer. The other couple was called in and then Robert came out to tell us about our embies. he said they made it through the night and were looking great. Both 19's now. One was 7 celled, nearly perfect and the second was 4 celled - it has divided over night and still looked awesome but was only 4 celled and he said definitely still a 19. I felt like I was talking with one of my good friends. All laughs and small talk - great atmosphere all around. Made me realize everyone was worried about me/us on Monday. COMPLETELY different than today. Then my doc came around again and asked if Robert had told us about our embryos...he said they are looking awesome (insert another big smile).

Okay, so finally they call us, I stand up and realize, OMG, I really gotta pee. So they waited for my doctor to finish an appt and then he said yes, it won't do us any good if you are too full - you can fill 1.5 of these cups (clear plastic drinking cups - you know the ones from old college parties). So I am all excited, turn the corner and someone is in the bathroom LOL. By this time I had already told my bladder she would be relieved so I was practically doing the pee-pee dance in the hallway. Meanwhile, the happy mood of the clinic s still running course. I can hear my hubby chatting away because the embryologist swears he looks just like his brother. They were then talking about how they are both french yada yada, laughing away. Then I had a small glimmer of okay stop talking to him, he's about to have full view of my va-jay-jay. That thought process immediately stopped when I heard the bathroom door handle open. Off to pee 'just a little'. Well okay folks, I had to go so bad that I practically rammed that cup to catch the pee because I could only go a cup and a half. Well those damn cups break so easily. So wham, now I have this broken plastic cup, overflowing with urine. This is TMI, I realize but I was laughing so hard at that moment that I feel the need to write the memory down. Here I am feeling relief but laughing out loud at my broken cup. Yep written it does not hold the same humor as it did there...

So to the procedure room I go, strip from the waist down and get ready for my embies. Up on the bed and in comes Robert (which is said Rob-bear doesn't even come close to covering my lovely but spelled Robert in case y'all are really following this). Phew barely made it up there without the gratuitous chunky white hyney shot. Shortly thereafter Dr. H comes in with Tami. This time I am hardly covered...the gunt out for all to view. Lord how embarrassing. I tried to put the water bottle on but he said this needs to be moved. Sigh, I feel so glamorous. Well first off was the bladder check. He looked and said well, barely full enough (I knew it should have only been 1 cup LOL) but good enough so off to the lab R went to gather my future kiddos. Next Dr. H said, are you ready? Yup, in went the smoking hot speculum. I hate this part of fertility. You really don't have much dignity left...flabby belly exposed, va-jay-jay open for all to view and a speculum to make it look like I just birthed a watermelon. There was some banter between the lab and doctor H. First they called out our names to make sure we get the correct 2 embies, Dr. H says some point I signed a form too but I think that was earlier LOL. Then via ultrasound, through the speculum, up into my cervix and into the ole uterus, he put a thin catheter in (oh warning, not for the light stomached). This felt weird. At first my pain receptors kicked in, then they realized, this doesn't actually hurt so off they went. I guess the uterus just isn't used to having long catheters poking into it and it was just weird for a minute. Then it was like I couldn't breathe - I could, I was terrified of moving or flinching (I flinch a lot). Dr H calls to R and says we are ready. Yes it happens that fast. Assumably they take the embies out of the pseudo uterus (aka an incubator), mix in some sort of fluid (name escapes me) and into a test tube. It all happened pretty fast - they then flush it all into the perfect nesting spot in my uterus, snap and ultrasound and then R goes back to the lab to check the syringe, flushing catheter (LOL these are not medical terms I am using if you haven't figured that out yet) and test tube for any embies that may be stuck in the process. "All clear" is heard from the lab (thank god, I don't imagine embies do so well after getting stuck in a tube). Then we were done. Out comes the speculum, I am covered up with my legs still in the stirrups and Dr. H ask if I can hang in for 10-15 mins without moving. No problem...I'd rather pee then let these babies out! I actually laid there longer, over 20 minutes just fine. He gave me a cute little picture from the ultrasound - not the embies of course - they are way too small. But when the embies are swooshed in, there is a little air bubble that comes out first so that they can see where they are going. That's what this u/s pic is of. You see the air bubble and a lighter colour where the fluid and embies are . Oh and my big-ass bladder LOL. After that I got to go empty it out and then into recovery for some acupuncture and a meditation cd. It was so nice to relax and know WE FREAKING MADE IT! 2 days ago I honestly dind't think we would. I was absolutely devastated at the thought of getting all this far and then not getting to ET. Sure 3 or 4 embies would have been better but you know what, we made it. I feel so much more calm over this 2ww than I did waiting for the embie reports each day - OMG that is hell I tell ya.

I must say, I felt somewhat sad leaving today. Isn't that bizarre? I think that my life has been all consumed for 2 months and now there is shots, no blood tests, no appts, nothing. It's like when we left, it was like leaving family or something. God I know that sounds bizarre, must be my hormones.

Tonight I am kind of crampy but nothing major except I had a sharp pain coming from my cervix - reminded me of zingers when I was pg with Jess. I have been pretty much taking it easy all day but wanted to finish this up while everything is fresh in my head.

Hope you are settling in Sam and Frodo. Jesse desperately wants to be a big sister:)

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