Monday, March 26, 2007

VFC today!

So off to Victoria this morning for our first follow-up since starting stims. I did bloodwork first in Nanaimo and then we drove Jess to Michele's and then back home to quickly change and then fly out the door. These drives are monotonous!

Dr H. is back - he was away in Calgary and Toronto I think he said. He seemed to be in a great mood. I had 8 follies...3 on the left (13, 10, 9) and 5 on the right (10, 10, 7, 7, 7). So that is much better than the 4 or 5 I had been told in January. Got my E2 numbers back this afternoon and they were 3339 which is the same as 909 in US measurements.

Doctor H said that I am progressing nicely and exactly how he would have thought on the high dosages of meds that I'm on. The first thing he checked was my lining which was (in his words) "excellent" and 13mm. Randy said he was freaked for a moment as he couldn't see any 'grapes' LOL. Then he realized we weren't up there yet and breathed a big sigh of relief. I laughed - I gave him a pen to write my measurements down and rather than write in my book he wrote on his hand LOL. Anyhow, I digress... I do have the one dominant follie @ 13 - hopefully the rest all continue to grow and mature and maybe a few of the smaller ones might pop up, we shall see (they weren't mentioned but we could see them).

I go back in for b/w and another u/s on Thursday so I think by then I will know when my retrieval is. I am thinking Saturday or Sunday but truthfully I have no idea. I am still feeling really good though. These injects are good for me. I am having flushes of red hot cheeks here and there and I definitely don't deal with any stress appropriately but other than that, I feel darn good and clear-headed.

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