Friday, March 16, 2007

Green light!

Well I got up this morning and got my e2 level bloodwork done at 730am. Who would have thought that there would be a line-up at a lab? Well I guess everyone was fasting and wanted to eat LOL. I was 5th in line so it still went pretty fast for me. Then back home with a quick stop at rotten ronnies for breakfast and then off to Victoria.

I got to meet Dr Spence - he was a very nice man. I screwed up thinking my bladder was TOO full so I peed just a little but ended up emptying my bladder completely. Dr Spence wasn't too worried about it but apparently my uterus is very tilted (the things you learn). Since I have had a baby he isn't worried about it but I am kicking myself as it would be nice to get all of this right the first time. My lining looks good 'perfect' is what he said actually. 2mm. My ovaries are sleeping with 3-4 follicles on each side. I would love for 10 eggs to mature - that would give us some breathing room. We shall see how the stims and me work. I know Dr. H thinks I will be a poor responder but I can only hope for the best.

Got my call from Dale at 430 - E2 levels are under 100 so that was the final stopping point before starting Suprefact tomorrow...woohoo!

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