Friday, March 16, 2007

Baby names

Randy and I were discussing baby names on the way to Victoria today. It was fun to really chat about why we like certain names and why we don't like other names. He was really into it as much as I was:)

We both like Jack and Max for a boy. One syllable and both are good for little boys and grown men (hate pussy names). I still like Christian but agree with him that Chris for a boy doesn't feel right. I have more name son the list...Jonah (which a friend had a baby who died that was Jonah so it doesn't feel right anymore), Cole, Joshua (Randy doesn't like), Maxwell (good middle name), Ethan and Aslan (still love this one).

Girl names...we both used to like Isabelle but meh, not so much anymore. I think we like it because we like Izzy, not Isabelle (but maybe Isabella). I love Sophie, Lauren and Olivia as does Randy. Elizabeth is nice too and we could have our Izzy from that if we wanted to. Alexandria, Grace, Gabrielle (Gabby but still makes me think poodle) and Regan (but Randy isn't in love with the name Regan). Lauren is cool as it would be nice to honor Randy's dad (Laurent/Lawrence). I am currently thinking twin girls - Olivia Michele and Sophie Kendra. I don't know - I am trying to incorporate K&M as they have done so much for us in this IVF process. It's hard to thank someone for something so huge so I think it would be a nice way to honor them:)

Actually the name Kendra is growing on me as a first name too. Not common but non uncommon.

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