Sunday, March 4, 2007

LIttle dancer

Gosh I am so proud of Miss Jessica. Tonight was her last parks & rec dance class (she's been going Friday's to the regular class as well). She is really doing good! We practice just a little each day - her choice, she really loves this. Well she did awesome. All the parents got to come in and sit on the floor to watch this last class and she was smiling and dancing and doing so good! I am totally impressed how far she's come in 5 weeks. She still needs some practice to catch up to the class that started in September BUT, she is doing really good considering they started 6 months prior to her.

After dance she got to go for a sleepover to auntie Michele's. Gosh she loves her so much. She must have asked us 50 times if she was still going today LOL. She adores her and looks up to her. Plus the fact that she gets 100% one on one attention helps too I would guess:) When we dropped her off, Caitlin, Kyle and Kevin also dropped by - great for her to get to spend time with Ken's kid's as she really doesn't know her cousins all that well. After about 15 minutes she looked at me and said "You can go now mom, I'm ready". ROFL. Alrighty then, I guess that's our cue.

Randy and I proceeded to break my diet and go to Kelsey's for quesadillas and calamari and then to SS for a few groceries. Came home, watched Heroes, talked about how much we missed Jess and fixed the little tiles in front of 2 of the bedrooms. Tomorrow we are off to Victoria for Randy's SFA and to get our IVF package. Progress!

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