Thursday, March 29, 2007

U/S and B/W

I have 9 follies now which is one more than on Monday. Yay ovaries!

L=14, 15, 15, 14 (one extra in there)
R=14, 13, 10, 10, 10

He really wants those 10's to catch up - they were 7 on Monday. I asked are they growing at a normal rate (as I expected + 2 growth per day) and he said YES, absolutely. Randy is always good for asking questions that I won't ask and said sooo how are we really doing here and he said excellent, I am responding way better than he expected. It was kind of cool, we barely made it on time (traffic) and they were running behind (thank goodness) and I heard my doctor come out and say, time to do that transfer now to one of the nurses. You know, I just felt all that hope and excitement in the air. My doctor was in a great mood too and seems quite happy with my progress so I walked out of there with a big smile today.

We have to go back early Saturday (ugh leaving here at 6am) for more b/w and another u/s and he thinks we will trigger Saturday night. Fingers crossed for those 3 follies sitting @ 10. If they don't really pick up, they will be immature after ER.

Edited to add my E2 numbers were 5393 (1469us).

On our way back home we bought Jesse her first 2 wheel bike. It's adorable! She was so excited that she forgot to be upset when she left Auntie Michele's house. It was a nice treat for Randy and I - so stressful when she gets that upset every time we have to pick her up. On the other hand I am so happy that she has family to love and be loved by. She adores K&M so much .

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