Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Hormones oh my

So I get a call from my local OB's nurse who tells me not to go in until Friday for my next beta. Great more patience needed. For some reason that made me cry, a lot. So finally I call Randy and tell him and he said just call VFC and talk to Dale or anyone who can answer my questions. That also made me cry. Finally I pull myself together and decide I'll call Dale because I need to ask these questions or else lose my freaking mind. I also thought well if I cal this morning I will get her VM so I can leave her a message and she can call back later this afternoon (they are usually in procedures in the am). Well she answered and that also made me cry. Argh! I hate feeling so dang out of control right now. I had to squeak out the last 2 weeks history because she just got back but she was able to answer my questions. Normal to not have another beta run Weds - she said Dr H sometimes will say test every Monday/Wednesday to every Friday etc until it drops below 5. I asked about not having another AF again and she said that it is not all that unusual. She said I will probably see Dr H in a couple weeks anyhow so not to worry unless I have something major come up (referring to the still possible ectopic). She also said call anytime (reading my mind that I always feel like such a pest calling - feel even worse when I am crying).

Oh on a positive note (yes I know those are few and far between lately), I had emailed the acupuncture clinic in Victoria last night. They specialize in infertility and come highly recommended from many online friends and Dr. Hudson. Stephanie emailed me back and gave me their usual protocol for an IVF cycle. I would come 2xx week for 4 weeks prior to ER and then once about 5 days after transfer. $90 for the first consult and then $70 for each acu. If it helps well that would be icing on the proverbial cake. Now I just need to make a consult appointment and get started. Not sure I should even bother until this cycle ends but maybe some acu right now might de-stress me? Oh oh I mentioned stress, here come the tears again.

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MammaKoz said...

You will LOVE acupuncture!

I went yesterday for the first time because of all my annoying ctx and also for my history of depression etc.

All I can say is WOW. It was amazing. I don't know how to explain it in words, but just that I feel different, better, lighter.

Oh and it was cool, while the needles were in, I was laying there and I could feel my uterus trying to contract and it couldn't, it just couldn't finish the contraction. Wild.

Oh and it didn't hurt at all btw and I've barely had any contractions since yesterday!