Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dr. H is back!!

What a nice surprise to see a call from VFC come through tonight. Dr. H is back and pulled my file only to see the craziness that went on while he was gone with my betas and all. Of course they didn't have all the details of my trip to the ER so I filled him in on that hell night as well. He was worried about how I was feeling and I told him that while most women would look at the AF after a miscarriage as sad, I found a whole bunch of positives to dwell on (I was pregnant, IVF did work albeit for only a short time). He asked when I was ready to cycle again and I said RIGHT AWAY! So it looks like my next cycle will go as follows. AF starts (June 4th-ish), CD2 get bloodwork and go to Victoria for an u/s (eww on cd2, gross but I guess he has seen it all, right? ). Cd3 start Femara for 5 (or 6 I can't remember) days and also start stims. No BCP, he wants me to start on my natural cycle. Since I abhor BCP that was probably the best part of my night. Can you believe I am starting again so soon? How freaking exciting! And how nice is my doctor to call me personally when he just got back from vacation?

I am feeling very positive about this next IVF cycle - more positive than I ever felt about #1.

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