Thursday, May 24, 2007

Great day in Victoria!

Well yesterdays visit to Victoria was great! I had my first acu with Stephanie - very relaxing. I actually fell asleep while the needles and electrodes were on my back (accompanied with my funky new lines from sleeping on my face mid-day). She wants me to come back twice a week up until I start stims and then I would come at 'least' twice a week, coinciding with my visits to VFC. Next visit she will work on my sinuses as well as my fertility spots and she also said she has some spots for all the emotions (okay so on the original form I filled out, I checked off almost all the emotions that it listed under 'have you experienced in the past 3 months...'). Hey whatever works right? I mean my next cycle will be starting in like 2 weeks. Holy crap batman.

So once done with acu we were off to see Dr Hudson. With a little elevated pitter patter of my heart rate we were off (thank you Stephanie for telling us to just follow Quadra - how convenient!). Amazing how old worries pop up all over again. I keep thinking what if he looks and finds no follies? What if I have cysts that just don't want to leave? We sat for almost 45 minutes while I pretended to be calm and read magazines - not complaining, I don't expect appointments to run on-time there. I mean, most ovaries that I know of don't have clocks so you have to be flexible. We were the last appointment of the day because failed IVF and miscarriages are always last so that he has time to speak to you as well as there are probably a lot of tears shed during some of these appointments.

So once we went in to see him we sat down and he asked how we were doing etc and said he really wanted to do a scan before anything else so off for a date with the DC. So to the exam room. You know the routine.... short on, everything else off, cover with flimsy sheet, giggle with husband because you're nervous...the fun goes on. First he did a quick check of my cervix - said it looks healthy. Then for the funniest IVF moment ever. As he is getting ready to use the ultrasound wand (aka the dildo cam) he is chatting with Randy about the university courses he is taking. Okay understand this is going on simultaneously while prepping the wand. Then he said to me 'are you ready?' (nod) and inserts the u/s and at that moment he says "do you like it?". I almost burst out laughing at that point. I couldn't even look at Randy or I would have cracked. Now folks realize he was asking RANDY if he liked his courses however in some sick, perverted, nervous minds, it sounded like he was talking to me. I didn't think Randy even caught it but when Dr H left the room he just started giggling. He most definitely had caught it.

Anyhow, I digress. The good news - ovaries look fine (about to ovulate), lining is fine (no leftover tissue) and we are all set to go. My body has had an amazing recovery if you ask me. So off we went to discuss our next protocol. He thinks timing wise we should be fine in June. He said we could always freeze sperm if we needed to but that would mean Randy would not be there for ER and I am NOT comfortable with that at all. Again it all depends on this cycle ending ON TIME. Ya I know, who am I kidding? I need to pop an egg by Friday to be on time and so far, no LH surge yet on the OPKs which isn't a good sign. He did say I was about to ovulate but he didn't say how soon. The follies I saw on screen were huge so it's got to be soon (please be soon, please be soon).

And so we begin the next leg of this craziness....

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