Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Poor Jess

So I just knew the doctor I brought her to last week was whacked. I took her to see MY doctor today and her left ear is fine but her right ear has "serious otitis media". She goes to an ENT specialist on the 17th (same day as her eye checkup poor kid) but he thinks she needs a tube put in [just before summer and swimming :( ]. He also took a swab and he will call tomorrow with a course of action. I told him the other doctor said use the balloon on a straw and his jaw hit the ground and when I told him he also said put her on pseudoephedrine I thought he was going to pop. She went nuts on it (pretty close to pink elephant crazy) so I took her off after 2 days anyhow but he said stop wasting my money. He is a little concerned she may have some allergies which are extending this cold (please god do not let her be allergic to cats) too.

On a positive note (2 in one week, pick your jaw off the ground) I had my eyes checked today. I get some pretty major headaches after reading so my GP sent me. Had the glaucoma test (how old do I look???) and then those nasty nasty drops that dilate your pupils. Well so far my pupils have not gone back to normal. I am sitting about 3 feet away from the computer right now and can barely squint with sunglasses on. My pupils are so freaking big I look like I'm on crack (well I assume that's what crackhead eyes look like, never been that close LOL). Anyhow I still have 20/20 vision and just spend too much time on the computer (ahem) so I need more breaks during the day.

Oh and lookey lookey, I am not crying today!! Thank goodness it would probably hurt like heck with those drops in there. I have even made a few jokes and had regular conversation with Randy that did not involve 1 - my uterus 2 - my ovaries - 3 my uterus. I am so proud. And I just did an HPT and it is super faint. Woo freakin hoo. I will never be so happy to see ONE line on a pg test as I am praying to see this week. Believe it or not, I am somewhat relieved not to be getting another beta done today. One less thing to worry about - at least for another day.

Ps I have already lost 4 lbs this week but ate McDonald's for lunch today (my 'chauffeur' is a bad influence) so I will bloat for a day or tow. Still the scale is moving in the right direction FINALLY!


MammaKoz said...

I would ask your acupunturist about this. Not that Jess is going to tolerate acupuncture, but maybe they have some suggestions or do acupressure or something, yk?

Poor little thing, that would just suck to have to get tubes or something right before summer. :o(

And WTH is balloon on a straw when it comes to ears? *confused*

Psuedoephedrine + Jess? I can only imagine. Maria reminds me of the strung out crazies hangin' out at the Cecil if she gets any of that stuff in her system. LOL


Stina said...

Pseudoepehdrine=kindy crack. NOt fun for any of us.

I am totally opposed to having a tube put in - that being said when it comes ot hearing I am not going to mess around. Today she seems to be hearing a wee bit better so it may clear on it's own. My doc called and said the swabs came back clear so she is fine there too.

The balloon thingy - tape a balloon on the end of a fat straw and get her to blow - the point was to help drain the ears but it didn't work obviously. Yay CDN health care...