Friday, May 25, 2007


Well Dr. Hudson faxed in all my prescriptions to Mark today. He called while I was at preschool so I just dropped Jess off with Randy and stopped in there before my consult with Sandra's Ink (to get my ankle tattoo fixed - bummer, she cant get it done until August).

Anyhow Mark is on the ball as usual and had the list all printed up. Drum roll please...

Gonal-F 300 pen x 8
HCG 10000 x 1
Menopur 75 unit x 40
Prometrium 100mg x 200
Doxycycline 100mg x 10
Estrace 2mg tab x 40
Cetrotide .25 x 4
Femara 2.5mg x 10

Holy crap that's over $4700 bucks worth of meds . I am absolutely FREAKING out because we owe K&M so much now and I have no idea how we can ever pay it off. I mean we will find a way, maybe when we re-mortgage the house next year, I don't know but we will find a way. And it is all worth it if we end up with a beautiful little baby or two in the end.

Michele called me right as I was at the pharmacy and offered to take Jess to Regina in June so that Randy can stay home and so that we don't need to worry about our schedules. I was shocked as Randy and I have actually discussed this but then said nahh way too much to ask of anyone (especially them, they have done enough KWIM?). Then I chatted with Jess about it and she totally started crying...I wasn't sure what to think. Then we got home, talked it over and she decided yes she wants to go with auntie Michele. So now I have to pretend that I am not sad to have her gone for 4 days. I mean that has never happened before, That umbilical cord is barely hanging by a thread as it is :( I know they will take wonderful care of her and she will be doted on 24/7 but it's me I am feeling sorry for. *sigh* Oh and just picture me all doped up on hormones having to say goodbye at the airport. Ugh not a pretty scene (actually might be best to say goodbye elsewhere rather than the airport...).

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