Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I'm going to whine now

Don't read on if you don't want to hear it cause this is all about me right now. Inned to whine so this is my chosen outlet for the hour.

I feel like crap. No crap is too nice of a word. I seriously feel like someone kicked the living crap out of me while sleeping or something. Every bone, every muscle, even my hair follicles hurt right now. Yes my hair hurts. Just putting it into a scrunchie hurt this morning. This flu is the worst I have felt in a very long time. My throat is so red I swear you could camouflage a firetruck in there. My sinuses ache...like someone decided it would be cute to stick a wire brush in there for the hell of it. All I want is a 30 minute nap and I will feel better. Since 1030 I have been waiting for that nap and yet I still can't go lay down. Why you ask? Well I have to wait for the chick man to arrive (as in chickens, for the farm). He used to call, now he just shows up anywhere from like 10-5 - narrows it down doesn't it? I was going to put on Peter Pan and haul Jess to mama's room and doze in and out for a bit. I have been drooling at the thought all freaking day but lookey, it's 306pm and here I sit, exhausted, hormonal and as happy as happy can be (not). Of course can I take anything to ease the pain? Noooo on the slim chance I am pregnant (LOL) I don't want to mess with mother nature so I have to suffer it out. Of course whoop-dee-doo, my beta is on Friday. I will let that one go to voice mail. I don't need to hear it 'live'. I so thought I would wake up today, test and get a positive. I have thought all along that 12dpo I would see a 'pregnant' on my test but alas, so much for that instinct. Oh well I can finally take some cold and flu medicine, even if I am better by then.

Okay I will stop whining now. That is until Randy gets home...

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