Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What to do, what to do...

Randy and I went back and forth between calling the clinic for another appointment (4 weeks out min) or emailing my doctor since he has specifically responded to emails previously. We went with email. I had Randy write it (with my help) from a different, less emotional perspective and we wanted to let him know he is still the doctor, we are not second-guessing him - we have to read and research to feel confident in our choices.

My ideal situation would be do the recanilization next month and start IVF in April. Why not start in March if we plan on IVF? Well in case I am a poor responder (he thinks I might be) then we could switch mid-cycle to IUI rather than throwing the whole cycle away. I can't do that if I have blocked tubes but I can even if they get one tube opened. I wish I had thought it through more before we'd emailed but regardless, I am glad we finally did it rather than questioning what the heck was the change for. Now we sit and wait and see if we caused ourselves more grief by questioning this again or not. I am hoping for the 'or not' LOL.

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