Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Got my protocol

Okay I guess we are committed now eh? Talked to Dale today - she is a IVF coordinator and got my protocol. I had talked to her yesterday but didn't wriote notes good enough.

CD3 (Feb 28) start Marvelon 21 BCP take for 14 days
CD17 - March 14 - last day of BCP
March 17 bloodwork and U/S - moved to March 16th because of the weekend
March 17th - start Suprefact
March 19th - continue Suprefact, start stims (may change but he has me for Gonal-F 300 and Repronex 75)
March 23rd - blood test and u/s

March 25 - 30 - every other day or possible every day monitoring and bloodwork - depends on how I respond. Trigger will be anywhere from March 29 - April 1, ER 36 hours later, ET 3 days after that.

I have a huge amount of bloodwork I have to go and get done - wow! Randy has to have another S/A done, this one being called a sperm functional assessment test - not sure how they differ (I haven't read that far) but I think they do a wash as well to see how the little swimmers do.

Holy crap, this is all happening very fast. I think when I switch my calendar over to March on Thursday the whole reality of all this is going to set in.

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