Friday, February 9, 2007

Bloodtests and my HSG

Well I got my CD3 test results. Here is what my doctor said:

FSH 8.8
E2 156
The FSH is high normal ( but still in the normal range)
Prolactin 7.4
Your TSH is high (6.8) – indicating that you have mild hypothyroidism. You will need to take some thyroid hormone.

As we were driving to Victoria I realized that the thyroid issues may be causing premature ovarian failure. The emotions hit me like a ton of bricks and I just started bawling. Poor Randy...he thought I was losing it which I was for a while there. Mental note, put a box of tissues in the truck before you leave the house again Stina.

We arrived bright and early for the HSG. Checked in, changed got on table. Speculum in, dye injected, nice uterus but where are the tubes? BLOCKED! WTH? They aren't supposed to be blocked, this was just a formality to start on stronger meds. BLOCKED?

Needless to say, the car ride home wasn't pleasant as I lost it, crying and lamenting over never being able to have a baby again. I love my Jesse, and thank god she is the light at the end of every day. I just love my family so much and wanted to have another little Jesse with my husband :(

I am so sad...

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