Wednesday, February 21, 2007

OMG, watch what you ask the universe for

So after we had emailed my doctor yesterday I must have checked Randy's email a thousand times. I was getting myself so depressed and just downright blue when I got a call. I about passed out as we really did expect either not to hear or to just receive an email back. I had my home phone fwd'd to my cellphone so when I saw VFC it sent me into serious panic LOL.

Well Dr. H said he completely understands where we are coming from now, we understands our urgency (even though he thinks waiting 3 months wouldn't hurt anything) and if I am sure I am ready, as soon as AF arrives I start BCP on CD3 ohmy.gif Originally he said a natural cycle and then he said BCP for 2 weeks. He is mailing everything tomorrow - all my prescriptions, my protocol, lab tests etc.

I am still in total shock. We were just about to leave for Jessica's kindergarten orientation when the phone rang so I had to calm down for a couple hours but now I am sitting here in complete and total shock. Scared and excited - I really didn't see that turn around after my appointment Monday.

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